3 Immediate Steps for Self Care Now!

Mom Self Care

Self Care involves practicing behaviors that cause you to be your highest and best self with tools that help you to manage through high stress moments and situations. 

Who isn’t familiar with a mani/pedi. Those are great but don’t reach deep enough to renew or refresh your mind and spirit. Begin to think of ways to make deep deposits or investments in yourself. It will probably require a shift in  mindset. Come to the realization that self investment is necessary and that you’re worth it. How do I get there without the mom guilt? How do I change my thinking around what self care looks like?

Confessions/Affirmations- How do you talk to yourself about yourself? Those on going conversations that we have in our heads. How intentional are you about what you speak and how often you speak it? Adding daily confessions to your day can begin to set the atmosphere not just for yourself but also for your family and home environment. Sticky notes are your friends. Place those confession and affirmations on your mirror and be intentional about speaking them out loud while getting ready for bed or in the morning. 

You can even create these notes for your children. Include things that are specific for each child. Maybe one is struggling with Math, another with finding friends. Help them to see the importance of being intentional about creating an atmosphere for success in the areas that seems difficult. 

Accountability-Do you have someone in your life, a mentor or someone you are completely vulnerable with, that you’ve given permission to speak the truth to you in love even when its not what you want to hear it? Mentors and accountability partners are so important at every stage of our lives as moms and as women.Keep in mind, this role is different than a friendship. Expecting that friend to be your mentor or vice versa can add alot of pressure to that relationship. Choose mentors that are ahead of you in life. Have been where you are so that they can help you navigate it. A very wise and mature friend who can handle your defensive responses when you’re struggling with receiving what they have to say. Heres the point, get a mentor or accountability partner. It looks like this, Hey can we grab coffee sometime soon? I’d love to hear how you made it though the preschool years without losing your mind. 

Finally, Me Time. I know you’re thinking what is that? Do you pencil yourself in and write everything else in ink? Let me tell you something me time for moms is crucial. Let your family know that you will be a better wife and mother after this overnight trip, or weekend or whatever. I love girlfriend trips but be encouraged to do a couple of alone adventures at least a few times a year. It will take some planning and you may have to get creative but it’s worth it. Can grandma come to visit that weekend? Is there an older niece or nephew that might be available to help your husband with all that’s needed? Have you thought about a kid swap with another family for the day , that afternoon or overnight? These are great. If you’re looking for a few minutes to yourself during the day, is there a responsible neighborhood teenager that will come and play with your kids while you read or journal? And don’t negate early morning hours before everyone is up. Even 15 minutes can make a difference. So just think for a minute. If you had a whole day to yourself what would you do? Be sure to leave home so that the hamper doesn’t call out to you to wash one more load. Spending time enjoying your own company feels really good.